The last night of SONIC STILLS FEST is in the name of darkness, slowness, repetitiveness, loudness in the very widest definitions.


September 04, 2021
Stillverk 1

– co-presented by
NyMusikk Trondheim, TEKS & Cinemateket –

The last night of SONIC STILLS FEST is in the name of darkness, slowness, repetitiveness, loudness in the very widest definitions.

Tonight, punk is mainstream. Punk rock, punk jazz, punk pop, punk everything. It is all about the extremes, whether it be in register, duration, dynamics or just plain time. Confused, much? Well, I guess you have to come down to Stillverk 1 and experience for yourself.

Before the music starts, you are invited to explore Juliane’s exhibition at Stillverk from 15:00, and join another screening session of Jordan Sand’s & Irreversible Entanglements’ video works at 17:00.

Obs: The evening is divided into Pt. 1 (starting 19:00) and Pt. 2 (starting 21:00). Same artists, same venue, different audiences!

15:00: Exhibition "All Constraints Are Beautiful" - Juliane Schütz | (free entrance)
17:00: Video screenings Jordan Sand // Irreversible Entanglements | Tickets: 100,- / 75,- via Hoopla

Evening Pt. 1:
Alle Grøfters Mor
Maria Norseth Garli feat. Amalie Dahl

Tickets: 200,- / 150,- via Hoopla

Evening Pt. 2:
Alle Grøfters Mor
Maria Norseth Garli feat. Amalie Dahl

Tickets: 200,- / 150,- via Hoopla



Juliane Schütz (DE)
“All Constraints Are Beautiful”

Open from 15:00 (free entrance)

Limitation offers room for improvisation.
Improvisation creates room for exploration.
All Constraints Are Beautiful

Equipped with tons of 35mm film rolls, an old flatbed scanner, several brands of nailpolish remover and a lighter, Juliane presents her deep dive into the world of film-souping, and how something as analog as the 35mm film rolls, as a metaphor for her childhood in a socialist country, found its beautiful anthesis in her digitised present in Trondheim, Norway in 2021.

Photo: Ingebrigt Håker Flaten


Extra screening:
Jordan Sand (US)
Irreversible Entanglements (US)

17:00 (100,- / 75,-)

An extra round of screenings from these two outstanding acts – Jordan Sand‘s “The Word Of The Year” and Irreversible Entanglements with their video commission for SONIC STILLS FEST 2021!

Tickets: via Hoopla



Alle Grøfters Mor (NO)

Set 1: 19:00, Set 2: 21:00

Alle Grøfters Mor (translates into something like “Mother of all ditches”) rose from the ashes of Eat the Rich in 2017. Since then, they have explored the mysteries of synth, disco’s repetitiveness, hardcore sting, prog stupidity and the warmth of Christmas music. Emil and Einar have extensive experience from the world of punk and new wave. In Alle Grøfters Mor, they explore the extremes of communication.

Photo: MS Paint


Møkkboot (NO/SE)

Set 1: 19:30, Set 2: 21:30

This newborn trio give promises of dirty, muddy stretches, presenting us with the image of three tractors cruising around in the grit while leaving trails of temporary figures, where Nicolas Leirtrø, Jenny Frøysa and August Glännestrand make up the driving painters. In a battle for the bass register, punk dreams get to rule. It will be rough. It will be sweaty. It will be chaotic.

Nicolas Leirtrø – bass
Jenny Frøysa – baritone sax
August Glännestrand – drums

Photo: August Glännestrand


Maria Norseth Garli
feat. Amalie Dahl (NO/DK)

Set 1: 20:00, Set 2: 22:00

Maria Norseth Garlis speciality is doing things she doesn’t really know how to and making it into art. This has resulted in things such as starting to play the guitar at the age of 30 or publish a book with no academic background as a writer whatsoever. Together with her band (Kyrre Laastad, Lars Ove Fossheim and Tor Haugerud) she has found her signature voice as an experimental singer-songwriter without genre borders.

Tonight, Maria and the band will be joined by Danish saxophone player Amalie Dahl, who brings innovating flavour with her excessive energetic way of playing.

Maria Norseth Garli – vocals, guitar
Kyrre Laastad – guitar
Lars Ove Fossheim – guitar
Tor Haugerud – drums
Amalie Dahl – saxophone

Photo: Thor Egil Leirtrø / Juliane Schütz

SONIC STILLS FEST is presented by Stillverk1, Sonic Transmissions North &
NyMusikk Trondheim in collaboration with TEKS & Cinemateket.
Supported by Trondheim Kommune, Norsk Kulturrådet, Midtnorsk Jazzsenter.

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