How to read water #2


Performance (Duration: 50min):
Saturday, 20.03.2021, 19:00 | Billetter via Hoopla
Sunday, 21.03.2021,19:00 | Billetter via Hoopla

Dance: Anna Thu Schmidt
Music: Thea Ellingsen Grant
VJ: Mina Paasche
Media artist: Hanne Dahl Geving

“How to read water” is an interdisciplinary dance installation that explores the relationship between the human body and the ocean.
Dance artist Anna Thu Schmidt, musician Thea Ellingsen Grant, VJ Mina Paasche and media artist Hanne Dahl Geving explore within their own field how the sea resonates in us, and translate the connection one feels with the ocean, to a connection between performer and audience.
The project will be presented in two different formats: one-on-one performances with guest musician Alexander Riris and as an interdisciplinary stage performance at Stillverk1 in Trondheim.

In How to read water #2 Schmidt, Grant, Geving and Paasche create a multidisciplinary performance experience and timeless, meditative space inside the black box inspired by the phenomenon called ‘Blue Space’. By questioning the egocentric view of human nature regarding its place on the planet we propose a hybrid and inclusive perspective through the lens of an interdisciplinary dance installation.

Anna Thu Schmidt is a dance artist with a focus on dance improvisation, interdisciplinary projects, site-specific work and integrated dance.
Since 2017 Anna is based in Trondheim after living in Indonesia, the Netherlands and Germany.
Her work is inspired by the cultures and natural environments she lives in and the connection and communications between humans.
Themes as inclusion and accessibility are central in her artistic work.
As a dance artist Anna is creating, teaching and performing dance for and with various age groups and communities.
By hosting ImproJAM/ImproLAB she offers an open, free and safe space for movement and sound exploration based on dance, music and contact improvisation and encourages people to discover their own movement language.
Her interest in the relation of dance to other arts led to international collaborations with musicians, filmmaker, visual artists and directors as well as research on the intertwinement of dance and installation art and its effects on its viewer.
Anna holds B.A. in Dance in Education (ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem/Netherlands) and M.A. in Dance Studies (NTNU Trondheim/ Norway).


Thea Ellingsen Grant is a vocalist, composer, song writer and producer from Telemark, Norway.
From an early age she was determined to pursue the arts, a natural choice after growing up in a household surrounded by paintings and music.
Rock, pop and classical music where her biggest influences as a kid, gradually being introduced to the world of jazz and improvisational music when she attended high school.
Now her musical influences are many, creating several different projects and bands: JUNO, Caramel 11, j00, and Thea Ellingsen Grant – solo.
With one album, several released singles and lots of live performance experience she continues to develop her sound along side her creative partners in her own country and abroad.


Norwegian born Mina Paasche (1988) studies a bachelor’s in fine arts at Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, Trondheim Norway.
Previously, she has studied art at Holbæk Art Academy and photography and VJ at Engelsholm College of Art and Music in Denmark.
She has a master and a bachelor’s in social work from Aalborg University in Copenhagen.
She works within the field of artistic research and combines art, cultural probes, ethnography and technology.
She has worked in various media including, film, video, sound, installation, painting, photography and live performances which have been exhibited at a number of exhibitions both national and internationally at performance and media arts festivals, institutions and galleries.


Hanne Dahl Geving is a visual artist based in Trondheim, Norway.
She has a BA in Photography from the University for the Creative Arts and an MA in Photojournalism from Mid Sweden University.
Geving has worked with sound, installation, video, performance, photography and has exhibited her work in Norway, Sweden and England.

I tråd med Trondheim kommunes smittevernregler er antall plasser begrenset.
Alle som deltar må ha billett så vi har kontroll på hvem som deltar ved eventuell smittesporing.
Hold deg hjemme ved luftveissymptomer og husk å holde minst 1 meters avstand.

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