Topic: “Social Inclusion of Black Women and the Challenges of Contemporaneous Feminist Activist”

Axel Tcheheumeni in conversation with the #VogueChallenge photographer Angelique Culvin

08.12.2020, kl. 19:00 | Billetter via Hoopla

“As Black women, people see and assume certain things. People can have high or low expectations depending on the way they speak, their accents, the skin color of their partner etc.
Because of these assumptions, they cannot breathe. their children cannot breathe.
Outside the family sphere, these expectations or assumptions are, for a large extent, the results of ignorance, lack of representation, and racial theories that have networks extending deeper in our collective subconsciousness than one can think.

To shape a better society for our children, we need to understand how racism impacts a community, to raise awareness about it, and be willing to listen.
Doing so, we will, collectively and progressively, unlearn superiority or inferiority complex due to racial prejudice.

Angelique Culvin’s perspective on social inclusion, visibility, widening narratives and perspective regardless of age, race/ethnicity or religion is one that must be heard.
Angelique holds a M. Phil from the University of Oslo and her thesis focused on the lack of representation of “non-white models” in Norwegian fashion magazines.
With a background in photography and journalism, she took a photo of the Oslo-based model Salma Noor that triggered the viral Vogue Challenge (#VogueChallenge).”

Angélique Culvin is an international creative soul born in Tanzania, moulded in Ireland and based in Norway. Currently she is the Community Co-ordinator at Oslo Science Park.

Her background is in Photography, Journalism and Media Science. She is the photographer behind #VogueChallenge. Her thesis and practice focus on highlighting representation and diversity in Norwegian fashion magazines, and has since been picked up by NRK, Vogue and Elle.


Axel Tcheheumeni Djanni is the son of a clerk and was born in Douala, Cameroon (Central Africa). He graduated from Douala University with a B.Sc in Earth Science and went on to receive an M.Sc in Geophysics Exploration from Pau University (France). He has a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Axel’s interests lie in knowledge transfer between the West and the South and on reducing the stigma that the Africans are victims in Europe. In this effort, he co-founded in Trondheim, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO): “Cooking 4 A Better World”. This NGO aims to bridge the cultural gap between us through cooking of African meals together with the host.

He is also working on a book around the topic of the Africanisation of the modern life standard in Africa based on his experience living, studying, and working abroad.

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